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Supplements – miracle cure or poison?

Posted by Nic Keller on

“Supplements” are, as the name suggests, foods, usually in powder or capsule form, which are intended as a supplement to the daily diet . Either they have the goal of avoiding various deficiencies or aiming to increase the body's performance.

Opinions on these additional products vary greatly, especially in sports. But why? And what do I do with it now? Do supplements benefit me? Are supplements harmful?

Basically, you should differentiate between the different dietary supplements . There are supplements that, according to current studies, clearly have a positive effect, but there are also supplements that do not have a positive effect. There are also different production standards regarding the quality of the ingredients.

So you can say that supplements are not inherently bad if you use the right products and consume them in normal quantities.

The 360Football Supplements stand for quality and topicality. Therefore, all the products that we sell in our shop are “evidence-based” , i.e. according to current studies, they are clearly beneficial for amateur and professional footballers. We also recommend using the supplements as such, i.e. consuming them as a supplement to daily food, because supplements in no way replace everyday food .

Our 360Football recommendation:

- Creatine monohydrate (e.g. Creatine360 ): 3 grams daily*

- Recovery drink (e.g. Recover360 ): after games or high-intensity training sessions

- Booster (e.g. Pregame360 ): before the game or intensive training

*If you have any questions about the recommendation, take a look at our blog post: “The Creatine Controversy”.

To find out everything you need to know about everyday normal and healthy nutrition for footballers, take a look at the 360Football nutrition guide .

Take Home Message: Find out enough about nutritional supplements to invest your money wisely or trust the products from 360Football. They stand for quality and ensure you optimize your physical performance.

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