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The perfect match preparation – match day

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After the previous day had already been organized effectively, now follows the second part on the topic: "How do I best prepare for a game?" according to 360Football.

Now it's time, game day! You've had a good night's sleep and are therefore fully recovered, so you're wondering what else needs to be done before the game starts. A lot of individuality is required here.

Rituals . Many amateur and professional footballers have rituals about how the last few hours before the game go. This is a great variant to get into the right game mode, especially mentally. For example, a short walk, watching YouTube videos of role models or playing FIFA. Things that calm you down or push you, depending on what you're striving for. The aim of the whole thing is to find an individual routine to get into game mode.

Just like the day before, nutrition is a key point. However, not much changes in terms of what should be eaten, rather the question arises: When should I eat?

Logically, it always depends on the time of the game. However, the general recommendation is that it makes sense to have your last main meal around 4-5 hours before kick-off . This gives the body enough time to absorb the carbohydrates. Optionally, you can plan a small snack up to 1 hour before the game, such as a banana, a power bar or rice cakes. In addition, it makes sense to consume a protein meal in the form of amino acids 1 hour before kick-off to ensure stimulation of muscle protein biosynthesis every 3-5 hours.

In conclusion, one can say that “the perfect match preparation on the match day itself is very individual and only the timing of meals should be approximately the same for everyone.

So find your perfect ritual, eat a good plate of pasta 4-5 hours before the game and then achieve your maximum performance.


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